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MolScript v2.1.2: Download the distribution from GitHub

Important: As of 1 Nov 2014, MolScript is Open Source software!

MIT license

GitHub repository

The MolScript source code now lives in the GitHub repository Go there to fetch the source code, and to check out any new developments.

Old downloads

The following are old, deprecated downloadable files. These are kept here only for reference, and should not be used. Go to the GitHub repository instead.

You may download the MolScript distribution as a gzip'ped or compress'ed tar file from this page using the Shift + left-mouse-button-click downloading function in Firefox (or similar function in other browsers). You may download any or all of the files given below.

MolScript v2.1.2 gzip'ed compress'ed
source code, documentation, Makefiles molscript-2.1.2.tar.gz
412497 bytes
693765 bytes
molscript executable IRIX 6.3 molscript.exe.gz
423801 bytes
600597 bytes
molauto executable IRIX 6.3 molauto.exe.gz
62949 bytes
93805 bytes

After you have downloaded the distribution, you need to read the instruction on how to install the software.

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