The 20 common amino acids

Name Formula (note 1) Three- letter code Single-letter code Occurrence in proteins (%) (note 2) Properties
Glycine Gly G 7.2 small, flexible, nonpolar
Alanine Ala A 7.8 small, hydrophobic, nonpolar
Serine Ser S 6.8 small, hydrophilic, hydrogen-bonding
Threonine Thr T 5.9 hydrophilic, hydrogen-bonding
Proline Pro P 5.2 hydrophobic, rigid
Valine Val V 6.6 hydrophobic
Leucine Leu L 9.1 large, hydrophobic
Isoleucine Ile I 5.3 large, hydrophobic
Methionine Met M 2.3 large, hydrophobic, pot. metal binder (Fe, Zn,...)
Cysteine Cys C 1.9 hydrophobic, forms disulfide bridges, pot. metal binder (Zn, Fe,...)
Aspartic acid (Aspartate) Asp D


5.3 hydrophilic, acidic, negative charge, pot. metal binder (Ca, Mg,...)
Glutamic acid (Glutamate) Glu E


6.3 large, hydrophilic, acidic, negative charge, pot. metal binder (Ca, Mg,...)
Asparagine Asn N


4.3 hydrophilic, polar, hydrogen bonding
Glutamine Gln Q


4.2 large, hydrophilic, polar, hydrogen bonding
Arginine Arg R


5.1 large, hydrophilic, basic, positive charge
Lysine Lys K


5.9 large, hydrophilic, basic, positive charge
Histidine His H 2.3 hydrophilic, intermediate pKa, proton shuttle, pot. metal binder (Fe, Zn,...)
Phenylalanine Phe F


3.9 large, hydrophobic
Tyrosine Tyr Y


3.2 large, hydrophobic, hydrogen bonding, slightly acidic
Tryptophan Trp W

"two rings"

1.4 large, hydrophobic, hydrogen bonding


  1. The formula images are taken from the LIGAND database in KEGG.
  2. Values from R.F. Doolittle (1989), calculated from 1150 protein sequences.

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